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Please enable to switch between local language and English !

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  • Please enable to switch between local language and English !


    I'm now using BC V4. Often, when I've to search the internet for something a bit special or which was moved or named differently than in V3 (and in V2 before), I'm annoyed to not know the English/US terms used by BC UI, because most of the infos posted are in English or US speaking people, like here in the forum. (Yes, there is an International Community here, but with less activity... and the Internet is wider than the BC forum !)

    In reverse, when I find an info on the web, most of the time it is in english and it is not always easy to use it in my language translated interface.

    I've found a trick : close all instances of Beyond Compare and then rename the file
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 4\
    to any other extension (I usually rename it to
    Then, Beyond Compare will start in EN on next run.
    (And then rename it back to return to my language).

    But it is a bit boring to do this each time I need to know EN/US terminology !

    So a check box "Use translated interface" would be really welcome !
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    We are able to do this on OSX, but do not support this style of switching on Windows. I would recommend creating a Portable Install of BC4 English on your system, which you can use to quickly review where options/settings are located. You can then use your main install in your native language.
    Aaron P Scooter Software