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Synchronising two large folders via sneakernet, including deleting files

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  • Synchronising two large folders via sneakernet, including deleting files

    Hi guys -
    I'm using BC4 to keep two remote RAID arrays in sync via Sneakernet as per this link:

    This works well, except where files have moved from one folder to another, or when files need to be deleted.

    Is there a way to use Folder Sync with Snapshots and a removable drive?


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    The method above is for helping copy new files over to the new system. If you then need to delete files that don't exist on the Source system, you can compare against that snapshot and delete files on the destination that do not exist in the Source snapshot. This isn't tracking "deletes" since we cannot determine if the file was originally in the Source side or newly added to the Destination side; you would have to review and decide for each file if it should be removed.

    Also, please note that we do not support an Undo command, so review all files before issuing a Delete, Copy, or other action.

    Folder Sync does not support Snapshots since it is a directional tool for copying from one side to the other side, but Snapshots cannot be copied from or copied to since they do not actually contain files. How would you like to use snapshots in a way that cannot be done currently with the Folder Compare? To help track deletes?
    Aaron P Scooter Software