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Feature Request: Dissimilar File Names Option To Match For Compare.

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  • Aaron

    We appreciate the feedback. Scanning and aligning based on different criteria (CRC values, similar names, etc) is on our wishlist.

    Given the change above, we do have a feature called Alignment Overrides. If all of your files have been changed in the same way, then this feature would align them.

    This is done using the Folder Compare's Session Settings, Misc tab, and create a new Alignment Override rule. Something similar to:
    (.*) (.*)\.(.*)
    $1 - $2.$3
    with Regular Expression enabled. This is a Pro specific feature, so if you are running Standard edition and need to try it, please follow this guide:

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  • Feature Request: Dissimilar File Names Option To Match For Compare.

    I've seen requests for similar functionality from years ago. However, I'd like to put forth my vote for such a valuable feature for the ability to perform compare / matching functionality for dissimilar file names option. I've been encountering this need with greater and greater frequency over many years now. I'd expect others are too. At a minimum like like to see this implemented with minimum support/capability (matching very closely named files) and then more advanced as time progresses.

    Example of initial capability for matching closely named files:
    001 Thing.exe <===> 001 - Thing.exe