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Update not working as expected.. Nothing to do!

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  • Update not working as expected.. Nothing to do!

    I'm getting a little frustrated with BC4 coming from BC3 with the basic functions not working from Ignore to now doing a simple Update Right between the same folders with one having an older file and one with a newer file. In BC3 I always update the older folder and the Update function always worked as expected copying the newer files with the same exact name but more data over to the backup folder with the same file but older version. In BC4 the Update keeps saying nothing to do when clearly there are lots of older files shown with differences.

    Any help is appreciated before i go back to BC3 and give up on BC4.

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    This is very likely a configuration change. The default BC4 and default BC3 installs should function similarly, but if either has had customizations to their settings that the other has not, then they will begin to deviate in behavior. You can have BC3 and BC4 installed at the same time on Windows, so you can switch between them as you learn how BC4 works and configure it to match BC3. Since many settings are global or saved, you may have made changes in BC3 years ago that now need to be brought forward to BC4. Our intial "Import BC3 settings?" wizard should bring them forward, but may have missed something.

    For a Sync Update, the first thing to check is that the Session menu -> Session Settings, Criteria is the same between BC3 and BC4. The default is timestamp and size (with Override enabled). Then verify that the files on your destination are older than the source. You could use a Folder Compare session to view and verify the comparison, or click the Peek button in the Folder Sync session to manually verify timestamps. It's important to note that Timestamp must be selected in the Comparison tab as a criteria (for BC3 or BC4). The visible Modified column always shows a timestamp, but if it is not checked in the Comparison tab it is not part of the compare criteria. The Sync Update requires a timestamp in order to know which is Newer and perform the Sync.

    If you are still having any trouble, you can also email us at [email protected] with:
    - a pair of BCSupport.zips from BC3 and BC4
    - a pair of full screen screenshots showing the same sync in BC3 and BC4.
    - a link back to this forum thread for our reference.

    With this, we should be able to help determine how the programs are differently configured.
    Aaron P Scooter Software