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Sync Mirror folders delete orphaned files

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  • Sync Mirror folders delete orphaned files

    I am using BC4 and very happy with it.
    Now I need to sync a two folders perfectly replicated. And I have been using this:
    log normal "C:\BC_logs\dope_Synclog.txt"
    criteria timestamp size
    filter "-*.*~"
    load "d:\folderA\" "d:\folderB\"
    sync mirror:left->right

    except it does not delete any files just keeps on adding them. For instance if I delete a file on folderA it will not delete the file in folderB just adds the copy of the orphaned file to folder A.
    IS there any work around this?
    Can you help?

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    The above script looks correct and tested on my machine with default settings performs the Mirror by copying any different files and deleting Orphans in the destination/right side.

    If you load d:\folderA and d:\folderB in the graphical interface, does the comparison show as you expect, with Orphans that should be deleted on the right side?

    Also, why do you have this specific filter? Do you have BC4 backup options enabled to create a backup of deleted files and adding a ~ to the end of the name?
    Aaron P Scooter Software