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  • Need help with syn

    Here is what I have,computer with 3 hard drives.One hard drive is for backup only,other two are have windows10 os on them. I only boot to one of the os at a time,they are control with a switch and will not power up without switch on. If I do a folder syn with os1 to the backup drive it works perfect.If I shutdown and turn off os1 and turn on os2 for booting all is find.If I try and syn os2 with the backup drive it shows no changes in the backup up folder? I know a change was made with os1 so why doesn't it show up when os2 is running?. If I reboot to os1 and look at backup drive it shows correct changes made,how do I get the backup drive to save changes from both os systems? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    A Folder Sync session will only show Newer and Orphan changes for a Sync Update, since those are the only changes that are copied from Source to Destination. If you view your two folders in the Folder Compare session, then navigate to differences, is everything equal? Or are there other types of differences reported?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron
      Not sure what the problem was but did a disk check on the backup drive and it found errors. Fixed the errors and all seems to be working right,will watch it for a couple weeks and see what happens. Was using a program called SyncBack pro, but I like your format a lot better. Still checking the program out,right now I like everything I see.


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        If there were any errors loading the folder structure from the hard disk, we may have had error text appear in the log or shown an error icon on a folder if it failed to load. One tip that can help with navigating and finding folders that have not loaded: if the folder does not show a Size, then one of the child items within has not been scanned (either from a configuration which does not scan all items, or because there is an error). You can Expand All, then Collapse All to find any folders that continue to show no size, then expand them to determine the cause.
        Aaron P Scooter Software