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Feature Request : Multiple Files

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  • Aaron

    A multiple copy Compare is something on our wishlist, but isn't currently supported. For different branches or merges, we do have the Folder Merge and Text Merge sessions. These support a common Ancestor in the center, then Left and Right panes to merge against into a 4th Output target/pane. Do either of these session types meet your needs?

    They are Pro features. If you do not have Pro, you can revert to trial mode to test them:

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  • SanDiegoDevOps
    started a topic Feature Request : Multiple Files

    Feature Request : Multiple Files


    I love bcomp (and I got our department to buy a large number of licenses so we can all use it. yay!)

    Right now I can get everyone to use it, but some stick to diffuse or similar because of one particular feature: compare multiple files (i.e. 3 or 4 copies of the same file.)

    This is very useful when comparing configs across environments (in my case) and in a few other instances (multi-branch compare, multi-build output, etc.)

    Any chance we could get that in bcomp?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!