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Can BC4 handle changes to dir names in paths? (and/or filenames)

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  • Can BC4 handle changes to dir names in paths? (and/or filenames)

    Hi all, extremely useful tool, thanks for the excellent trial-licence model too!

    I expect the kind of process I'm asking for would take a long time to run...

    Can BC handle changes to paths?

    I'm freeing up space from some old 'safety net' dumps of my files before I did some major reorganisation of dir structure, largely in preparation for a similar operation for a client.

    I'd really love to see a miraculously effective way to handle files having been moved to different paths, and some file name changes too...

    Wondering if BC has this kind of thing built in already?

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    Hello, Tom,

    Generally, no. BC4 either treats the folder name as important and needs the names to match in order to align them, or the folder structure can be removed (Ignore Folder Structure) to compare all files in a single bucket. Ignore Folder Structure does inherently change the comparison, since files can then be aligned regardless of the folder they are in. We also have an option to manually align folders of different names, but this is a manual rule definition called an Alignment Override (Pro feature), and the folders have to be on the same subfolder "level". If a folder is moved up or down a subfolder/tree level, then we would not be able to align these folders without changing the base folders so they are back to the same relative level (or are the base folders themselves).
    Aaron P Scooter Software