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Text comparison: Number of context lines - how to always view parent code?

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  • Text comparison: Number of context lines - how to always view parent code?

    Hi all

    I'm investigating the potential for my company to utilise the BC4 tool for xml comparisons that we need to run on a regular basis.

    When exporting the text report as HTML, I'm wanting to see only my important differences with the relevant context (this will not always be a set number of lines; I need to see up to the next parent level of code at the very least).

    I've found the option shown in the attachment to adjust the number of lines the program will include as "context", but is there any way to set it to automatically find the next parent level and view up to that/view a number of context lines around the parent level start?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    The short answer is no, our Text Compare is not aware of the XML syntax, so the context is strictly the number of lines of text and is unaware of parent nodes.

    If it helps, depending on your XML structure, you could use our "XML Tidy" format download to normalize your line breaks and whitespace. Would this create a consistent number of lines needed in order to see the parent?
    Please note that once tidied, any edits or saving would save with the new line breaks/formatting.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately the "XML Tidy" format doesn't help much, but thanks for trying to solve the issue.

      Best regards