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How to view binary differences in MP3, EXE, etc.

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  • How to view binary differences in MP3, EXE, etc.

    Here is an easy one but for the love of me I can't find an answer.

    I am doing a binary compare of MP3, EXE, photos, etc. But I can not see the actual differences when I do the compare. It will simply tell me there are important differences for MP3 and EXE, or with photos show me side by side images but I can't see what has changted. Sometimes the MP3s or audio files will tell me tag differences but I don't know if anything else is difference.

    I've tried playing with un-selecting 'file formats' which doesn't do anything. I don't see anything else that I can change.
    Thank you.

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    Different file types open in different views automatically, but this is configurable if you want to use a different view by altering the File Format dialog and creating new formats for specific session types for specific extensions. The Hex Compare session type will show the binary code of binary files, so you could use this if this is what you are trying to determine/see. You can also manually launch into this view from other views using the Session menu -> Compare Files using -> Hex Compare.

    The MP3 Compare (mp3) and Version Compare (exe) are primarily designed for showing tags and metadata, and will show if they contain any differences. In both of these views, we also have a "Data" row with the file's size. This row represents the binary comparison without the metadata tags. These views allow you to ignore specific metadata in the Session Settings, while the Hex Compare has no Unimportant settings.
    Aaron P Scooter Software