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Is it possible to compare a specific list of files?

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  • Is it possible to compare a specific list of files?

    I want to use BC4 to compare (and sync) a list of specific folders to another drive. The source folders are within a few different folders on the source drive.

    Here's an example. The italicized folder named in the paths below are the folders I want to have BC compare.

    D:\downloads\tools\malware removal
    D:\downloads\tools\internet testers

    I entered the list of folder names ("malware removal", "internet testers", "nvidia", "terabyte") into Session Settings > Name Filters > Include Folders. Initially I set the base folder in BC4 to D:\. It finds no folders that match the ones in the include list. I changed the base to d:\downloads but it still finds none. I must set the base folder to d:\downloads\tools in order for BC4 to find the folders "malware removal" and "interest testers".

    Based on this I would have to create a new session to compare the "include" folders in D:\downloads\drivers, and likewise, another session to do the folders in D:\support.

    Is there a way to accomplish what I want to do in a single session? Set the base folder as D:\ and have BC4 scan the entire drive for the folders in the include list?

    Or maybe there's a better way but I can't figured it out. (I did try putting the entire path in the Include list but that yielded no change in the results.)

    Thank you!

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    With the base folder of D:\, the Folder Filter can point to the specific path with
    .\ = start at base level
    .\downloads\tools\malware removal

    which would then show in the toolbar of the main view as:
    .\downloads\tools\malware removal\;.\support\terrabyte\

    For arbitrary sublevel, you can use:
    .\...\malware removal

    .\...\ is important since it includes the above folder levels as part of the filter.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for replying, Aaron.

      What is the meaning of .\...\ ?

      I understand paths, wildcards, and even .\ to refer to the current directory, but the elipsis... haven't seen that.


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        .\ means start at the beginning of the base folder
        ...\ is any number of subfolders matching

        From the Filters dialog, if you click the '?' Help button next to the 'X' Close button, we'll open a context sensitive Help chapter. From the Name Filters tab, we'll have a link then to the syntax our filters can use, for more details.
        Aaron P Scooter Software