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How-To Needed for Folder Merge

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  • How-To Needed for Folder Merge

    Can anyone point me to a video or instructions on how to perform a folder merge? I have two folder from that I want to merge into a third folder. Is this possible? I have tried placing one folder on the left, one folder on the right and an empty folder in the center as the target. If I select a file that exists in the left folder that does not exist in the right folder and select merge, I get a message that says "Base folder does not exist."

    Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the what the folder merge functionality is intended for.
    I just can't seem to find any detailed information as to how this feature is used.
    Thanks very much for any insight that you might offer.

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    For the Folder Merge, it accepts 2 or 3 inputs (left/right or left/right/center) into a 4th Output path that is below the 3 input paths. The Output is not represented graphically on screen, but the left side preview gutter icons will turn to green checkmarks for items that are copied/done and in the Output.

    The center pane is meant to be a common Ancestor of the left and right, used in source control solutions.

    Does this get you up and running with the Folder Merge?
    Aaron P Scooter Software