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'Save As' forcing a .txt extension to be added

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  • 'Save As' forcing a .txt extension to be added

    Running Windows 10. Recently upgraded from BC 3 to BC4 Pro. Noticed that when comparing two files without file name extensions that when doing a 'Save As' a '.txt' is being added even though I am explicitly leaving the extension off. Any setting that controls this? Placing quotes around the file name does force the save without a '.txt' extension but never had to do that in BC 3.

    Any recommendations?



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    This is a bug in BC4, thank you for reporting it. I'll add it to our bug list to be fixed.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I discussed this with one of our developers and found out this isn't a bug.

      The behavior was intentionally changed from BC3 to BC4. Both BC3 and BC4 use a Windows provided Save dialog, but BC3 didn't define a default file extension to use if none was provided. BC4 defines .txt as the default extension for the save dialog, that is why it is used if one isn't specified.

      BC4 behavior matches Notepad. Entering the filename in quotes is the correct way to Save As without a file extension.
      Chris K Scooter Software