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Context menu icons missing

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  • Context menu icons missing

    This has been driving me mad. After days of testing and research I found this post and sure enough that was it. If you have a classic theme vs Basic/Aero than either you icons will appear or disappear which is quite irritating when you a lot in the context menu.

    Is there a registry patch or some way to fix this for those using the Classic theme?

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    Re-testing with a Win7 vm with all updates applied and testing the latest BC 4.1.9 shows the icons in the Classic theme, selected using the Change Theme control panel setting. I've also tried rebooting, but the icons continued to display. Are you running the latest releases of Windows 7 w/ updates and BC4.1.9?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Running your test in a VM is not the same as running it in a native environment where the two services requires for Aero/Basic run.

      This is a known problem Aaron, I would hope Scooter Software steps up and mitigates this problem with a patch rather than differ the blame to some other 3rd party app causing the problem.

      As i said i tested this on a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 prior to getting the latest updates and after. The result is the same the icons are missing when used in Aero/Basic themes which rely on two different services running for rendering.



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        I've updated and continued the thread from here:
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        Aaron P Scooter Software