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Parallel Operations / Folder Renaming

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  • Parallel Operations / Folder Renaming

    Is it possible to do the following in Beyond Compare 4?

    1. Do parallel operations.
    Example: I have files that have been scanned and already checked as being identical. I have a new naming scheme for these files, so I want to rename them in the same way in both locations. I would like to cut my time in half by having the files in both locations renamed at the same time. I imagine this being as follows: setting a "parallel ops" mode then picking a side, let's say left, as I move down the files on the left side, the files on the right are also renamed the same.

    2. Detect identical files in differently named folders.
    Example: I'm using removable drives. Two are supposed to be identical, but sometimes they get separated. A folder gets renamed on a drive, but not the other - but they contain identical files. Would be nice to have a "folder independent" view that shows that I have the same files on each drive, even if they're not in the same folder.

    If the answer for either of these is no, then I guess this is a feature request!

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    1. It is possible to rename files on both sides. In the Folder Compare, left click in the center column to select files on both sides. Then use the "Actions > Rename" command. In the dialog, as long as Left Side and Right Side are checked, both sides will be renamed.

    2. If files have the same names but different subfolders, turn on "View > Ignore Folder Structure". This aligns files for comparison based only on name, not on subfolder path.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thank you!