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Use BC for backup of a folder subset ...?

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  • Use BC for backup of a folder subset ...?

    Goal: Flag certain folders (only) within a directory tree to be backed up to a separate tree.

    Here's an example: Suppose you have a large tree with MP3 files, organized by genre, artist, etc, and you want to select certain folders for sync to an external MP3 player with limited storage space (which is mapped like a drive, BTW).

    How would you flag a 'persistent' subset that could be synchronized between the main tree and the portable device? The key word being 'persistent.' It's easy to just bring both up side-by-side for a one-time select-and-sync. But it would be great to have some way of persistently flagging folders and files in the larger source tree, so that (for example) they could be sync'd with several external MP3 players.

    It seems likely that there is a way to do this. I've been simply copying the selections to a separate disk-resident tree, which then gets sync'd to the external devices, but that's wasteful and tedious.

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    You might create a session in which You exclude folders that You do not want.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      Using Rodolfo's suggestion, the Folder Compare and Folder Sync's File Name Filter can exclude items based on a mask (*.mp3) in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Name Filters tab to Include or Exclude these files. The Folder Compare session also has sync commands under the Actions menu -> Synchronize or the Folder Sync. Sync actions and other actions do not support Undo, so please test with test files/folders first.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        I appreciate the comments. The 'exclude' process seems like it would work on a relatively small scale. Given the number of folders that would need to be excluded, I think it would be costly for doing what I had in mind. Excluding a folder is relatively easy, but it just disappears, so there is no way to interact from that point. I can't imagine sorting through the long list of excluded folders to re-enable something.

        I was thinking of something closer to a folder tree with checkboxes. That would greatly simplify interaction. Just look through the list, enabling folders that should be sync'd.

        This could make a great enhancement, or even a new product, targeting those who sync local MP3, photo, or video collections with portable devices (cell phones, iPads, etc).

        Beyond Compare already has all the base functionality in place, even including reading metadata from those files.

        Nice additions would be: Running tally of all sizes, for fitting to limited storage space on portables. Possible duplicate checker for MP3 files that could compare just the music data (that would be very useful, and I don't know of other programs that do that!)


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          Expanding on our filtering capabilities is something on our wishlist, but providing a full graphical interface for all filtering would not be a small enhancement. A combination of different base folders and name filtering could help narrow specific sync tasks, instead of using a single top-level sync, might be more manageable.
          Aaron P Scooter Software