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    version 4.1.8 on Windows 7
    I assume folder sync would make 2 folders of identical content with the same total of files and folders and the size should be identify, but it's not the case.
    After the sync, I checked the properties of both folders and saw difference in all these areas:
    folder to sync to: 82,258 files, 11, 186 folders, 62,543,900,790 bytes
    folder to sync: 82,166 files, 11,186 folders, 62,538,474,407 bytes
    I have everything shown in folder properties. Are there system files or some special files don't copied to the target folder?


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    By default, Protected Operating System files are not included in the sync view. This can be disabled in the Folder Sync's Session menu -> Session Settings, Other Filters tab: disable Exclude Protected Operating System Files.

    The Folder Sync has two main modes of syncing: Sync Update or Sync Mirror
    Sync Update will copy Newer and Orphan files. It will not delete "orphans" that are in the destination side.
    Sync Mirror will copy Newer, Older, Different, and Orphan files (anything that is not Same status), and *will delete orphans in the destination*.

    Please note that sync actions do not support Undo. Please test with test folders first while learning how our sync logic works and look at the preview pane before committing the sync to determine which files would be copied or deleted depending on which actions you select.
    Aaron P Scooter Software