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    sure it exists, but I have not been lucky searching it: I am still on V3.014 (licensed version) and still quite happy with it. A few things would appeal to me (such asl multi-drives in a session) but in general, with filters I am around 80% fine todate.

    I ask myself if it makes sense to update to V4, to get closer to the 100% needs.

    Two examples:
    - multidrive support for one session (to backup multiple directories into ONE backup Dir)
    - renaming feature -I have a lot of photos that I sometimes "re-catalog and therefor rename" when in holidays (leaving the original camera's name as a part of it). Would be nice to have a feature to rename the ones in the backup / NAS stoargeplace with less effort

    Now, is there any "feature-compare" or changelog based on functionality which can help the desicion?

    Thanks & regards

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    If you don't want to upgrade to version 4, you should upgrade to version 3.3.13, the last version 3 release. It's a free upgrade and uses the same license key.

    Download 3.3.13:

    A summary of major changes from Beyond Compare 3 to 4:

    Beyond Compare 4 doesn't support loading multiple drives on one side.

    Beyond Compare 4 doesn't support transferring file renames. Both BC3 and BC4 support renaming multiple files using masks with the "Actions > Rename" command, which might be helpful for you. Note that rename doesn't have an undo, so you might want to experiment with it using test files before using it on files that are important.
    Chris K Scooter Software