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Color Export using HTML file in Excel

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  • Color Export using HTML file in Excel

    Is there a way I can keep the background color scheme (instead of just text colors) when using HTML to put the table compare report into Excel document?

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    Which versions of the programs are you using and what behavior are you seeing? I can create a Side by Side Color HTML report from BC4. Opening this report in a webbrowser will show the text foreground color and the background color of the lines. If I then open Excel (2016) and drag/drop to open this html file as a new Excel table, the colors also carry into Excel. Is this the behavior you are looking for?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I'm using Beyond Compare 4 (Version 4.0.5) and Excel 2013.

      I am truly trying to maintain the background and text coloring when I move the data to Excel. If I drag/drop the data into Excel it does keep the text coloring, but the background coloring goes away. If I save the file as HTML and put the file into Excel, the background coloring goes away (text coloring remains).

      Thanks for your help!


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        I did a test of HTML reports generated with Beyond Compare 4.2.2 in Excel 2013.

        Folder HTML reports didn't import color differences.
        File HTML reports displayed background colors.

        I'm not an advanced Excel user, so I don't know if this is a limitation specific to Excel 2013, or if there is a setting in Excel that will change the way it handles import of HTML.
        Chris K Scooter Software