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2 to 1 folder comparisons

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  • 2 to 1 folder comparisons

    I have several larger drives backed up to 2 or more smaller drives all on USB hubs, all connected at the same time.
    Examples1 Example2
    F:\FA F:\FA
    \FA\Sub1 F:\FB
    \FA\Sub2 F:\FC
    \FA\Sub3 F:\FD
    \FA\Sub4 F:\FE
    backed up to:
    M:\FA M:\FA
    \FA\Sub1 M:\FB
    \FA\Sub2 M:\FC
    N:\FA N:\FD
    \FA\Sub3 M:\FE

    Question: Is there a way to concatenate drives on one side of folder compare F: <--> M: + N:

    Suggestion: If method does not exist, please create!
    I think only ambiguity which would require dialogue is if folder does not exist to query in which drive or folder new folder should be created.

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    We do not support loading multiple drives to a single side. If the paths are constant, you could use a combination of file name filters to create 2 separate sessions. For example:
    F:\FA to M:\FA
    with a file name filter of

    F:\FA to N:\FA
    with a file name filter of

    The first filter would include all subfolders that begin with A through M, and the second filter is all items not A through M (and not the base level). This combination would cut it roughly in half, but you can tweak the filter's range to better suit your data.

    It's not a simple enhancement to add multiple drive management to a single side for syncing, but it is something on our Customer Wishlist. I'll add your notes to our entry on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software