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Folder Compare WebDav not working

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  • Folder Compare WebDav not working

    I'm trying the most current version and I'm attempting to compare against a Sharepoint site in Office 365. I've setup the profile using the link below, but I keep getting "Unable to load initial remote folder." And below that it will say HTTP error 403 FORBIDDEN. Any thoughts what I can do?

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    To confirm, you are running which version of Windows and BC 4.2.2? And how/where did you generate the HTTPS url for connecting to office 365's webdav? Are you using your [email protected] account as the username? If you follow these troubleshooting steps, can you connect in BC4 or bind and connect as a drive letter?

    If you can bind as a drive letter, that would be browsable in BC4, and also the same steps/configuration should work as a direct WebDAV BC4 Profile.
    Aaron P Scooter Software