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  • Keyboard focus in new session

    I usually open BC4 sessions from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the two folders concerned and clicking "Compare", or "Select Left Folder for Compare" and "Compare to ...". Also, I have the option set that opens a new session in a new tab.

    When I open a session in a new main window (i.e. the first session), the keyboard focus is usually (always?) given to the main folder list, which is invariably where I want it to be.

    However I've noticed that when I open a subsequent session in a new tab in the same window, the focus in the new session is often (but not always?) given to the left base folder selection drop down list.

    This often catches me out because I start using the keyboard thinking I'm scrolling down in the main folder list, when in fact I'm changing the left base folder. I usually end up having to abandon the session and start again!

    Is this behaviour by design? By accident? A bug?

    I would like the keyboard focus to always start in the main folder list when a new session/tab is opened.


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    I think this is by design.

    If a new tab or window is opened with base folders defined, then focus is in the file/folder list.

    If a new tab or window is opened without base folders, then focus is in the left path edit. This is because if you haven't loaded folders, defining the base folders is the first thing you need to do.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for responding. The behaviour you've described makes perfect sense and is what I'd expect, but unfortunately it's not what I always see.

      I think I've narrowed the problem down a little further. It seems to be that focus goes astray if the BC4 main window has been minimized in between starting sessions. If a new session is started while the main window is minimized, focus in the new session goes to the left path edit, but if the main window is not minimized, focus goes to the file/folder list as expected.

      It's easy to reproduce as follows. With two folders on the Windows desktop, select them both and right-click, then click Compare to start BC4. Focus goes to the file/folder list as expected. Minimize BC4, go back to the desktop, select two different folders (or the same two, it doesn't matter) right-click, click Compare and BC4 reappears. Focus in the new session goes to the left path edit.

      I often work on the desktop, starting several BC4 sessions one after another and minimizing BC4 in between, which I think is why I notice this so much.

      I'm using BC4 (64-bit) version 4.2.3 (build 22587) on Windows 10 version 1703 (build 15063.608).

      Thanks, Tim


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        Thanks for the reproducible case. I also see this behavior and we'll look into it.
        Aaron P Scooter Software