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  • Folder Comparison unable to merge


    I am having problem with beyond compare trial version:

    I am trying to merge folder: folder 1 with folder 2 the result is folder 3 yet I have a file that is conflict, and 1 file being left off.

    02/10/2017 20.26.06 Load comparison: <-> C:\xampp\htdocs\compare\folder2
    02/10/2017 20.26.06 Background content comparison completed in 0,09 seconds
    02/10/2017 20.27.52 Unable to merge C:\xampp\htdocs\compare\folder3\home_merge.blade.p hp: 1 conflict(s) detected
    02/10/2017 20.27.52 Successfully merged 1 items. Failed to merge 1 items. Completed in 0,09 seconds.

    I thought the whole file must be merge to folder 3 including the conflict file. Why 1 file is left off? Why 1 file is conflict and unable to merge?

    What should I do?

    I am new to this software.


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    The above Load command seems to be missing a Left side. Did you load your two sides with one in the Center and one on the right?

    The Folder Merge is designed to be either:
    2-way Merge (2 inputs, 1 output) using the Left and Right panes, and the output at the bottom.
    3-way Merge (3 inputs, 1 output) using the Left and Right panes, the center pane as the common Ancestor, and the output at the bottom.

    Any file detected as a conflict (without an Ancestor, this can be a common situation) will need to either:
    1) double click, load into the Text Merge and merge your file content
    2) select which file you want (left or right) and right-click -> Copy to Output.

    Conflicts are files that are different on both sides. Which criteria determines which side you want to take? The newer side?

    The Folder Compare session type (2 sides, Left and Right, no output) also has a Copy To Output option (right click a selection, then Copy To Output to copy to a 3rd target).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      How to set the folder merge to be either 2 way merge or 3 way merge?


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        1) When will I be able to merge the files? Is it when all the red highlight disappears?
        2) I try to merge after when all the red highlight disappears, I still do not understand the merge logic. Why only stand alone files from my left folder being moves to the output merge folder?
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          To perform a 2 way merge, only load folders for the Left and Right side (not a Center path). Adding an Ancestor to the center path opens the middle pane and the 3-way merge logic.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Files are colored purple/teal if they can be merged, but are marked as a Conflict (red) if there is a difference on the same line. In this case, either side of the difference could be taken as the output; which side should be? This Conflict needs to be resolved by a user picking a side and saving the output (which puts the file into the output and finishes the merging process).

            Conflicts are common in 2-way merges, since the 3-way with Ancestor often helps determine which side should be prioritized if either matches the ancestor (and hence, unchanged).
            Aaron P Scooter Software