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Disable "terse executable" archive type or fallback to text comparision

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  • Disable "terse executable" archive type or fallback to text comparision


    the .te file suffix is not only used for terse executables.
    One example is the text files used for creating "type enforcement" rules for selinux.

    I think BC4 should fall back to text compare if a ".te" file could not be handled as a terse executable, instead of just providing the error message "Not a valid terse executable".

    While this error is getting addressed, how do I override the .te configuration in BC4 to handle .te files as text files?

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    You can disable the .te association by going into the Options dialog, selecting "Archive Types" on the left, then removing "*.te" from the "Mask" column on the right. Beyond Compare's architecture doesn't support easily switching between archive and non-archive types after a comparison has been loaded, so the current behavior isn't likely to change soon. If additional customers run into a problem with the overlap we can consider disabling the Terse association by default.
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      Thanks for the rapid answer, I will change my settings Monday morning when I get back to work.

      If possible, could you provide a hint about how to disable the archive association in the error message?

      I got another idea when checking the options dialog.
      If user would temporarily disable an association and maybe enable it later, then it would be better if there was a checkbox to just enable/disable the actual archive type.

      Once again, thanks for the rapid feedback.