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Automatically move specific filetypes

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  • Automatically move specific filetypes

    Up front, maybe Beyond Compare isn't the right tool for it, I don't know, reason for asking here.
    What I am looking for is a tool that:
    a. detects specific filetypes, like .docx or .png are saved in a specific folder (...\documents), but not any subfolders in that folder
    b. then move such files to another drive\folder
    c. does that in the background, i.e. a kind of service should be running then

    One may find some tools on Internet (some are free).
    I found one that comes close (DropIt) but whilst testing I noticed that it can not be limited to only scan the root folder
    (\documents) but it will also include and move all the other folders in there, which is not what I have in mind.
    It would then be easier to just move the entire folder to another location.

    I just put the question here: is this what Beyond Compare can do?
    That is to say, without scripting and complex stuff, I am not familiar with that.


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    Beyond Compare could do this, but it would require a script and you would have to manually set up a scheduled task that ran regularly. It isn't supported directly from the user interface, and while it would run automatically in the background at some interval, it wouldn't be constantly monitoring the folder.
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