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How can I tell the status of Beyond Compare?

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  • How can I tell the status of Beyond Compare?

    I am new to this beautiful app!

    I am trying to copy from one folder (on one computer) to another one on another computer. The stop button is blinking so I think it's doing something but there's no other indication.

    In the log window below there are four lines. I can't tell whether those are completed or in progress. What do they represent?

    I would like to have a live status so I can know what it's dong and whether it's done.

    Thanks for any help!

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    The Copy command should show a progress bar above the log pane, showing the file progress and (once given enough time to calculate) an estimated task time.

    The initial load comparison does not have a progress bar, but shows the Cancel button blinking to show it is still processing. If you have a background content comparison enabled, the log will also state when the content scan completes. The folder coloring also shows which have been completed with a comparison color, and the hollow/white ones which are not yet finished.
    Aaron P Scooter Software