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How to bring back in-line differences highlighting?

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  • How to bring back in-line differences highlighting?

    When I'm using / reverting to the default color schema - everything is OK.
    I really like using Garret's SublimeText-inspired background scheme, however with this scheme - there is no highlighting of different words between otherwise identical lines.

    Trying to edit colors, fonts in options - but I can't seem to find this specific setting.
    Can anyone indicate where might I make such a color edit?

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    There are a few options which might impact this, but I think you are looking for the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Colors/Fonts tab, and in the File Views tab, scroll down to the Compare Colors -> Important Difference, and enable Text Color.

    There is also an option in the Tweaks tab, Editor Display section, to Show Syntax highlighting on difference lines, which you would disable to restore difference coloring.
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      Thanks! that was indeed it, no idea how I could have missed it! I was looking for some other specific wording for this setting and missed what was obviously in front of me