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    How can i compare documents contents & file name in 2 different folders for below doc format:
    word vs pdf
    text file vs pdf
    pdf vs pdf
    word vs word

    Thxs 2 help.

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    Load two folders in Beyond Compare's Folder Compare.

    Normally filenames only align for comparison if the names are the same, including the file extension. To make file.docx on the left align with file.pdf on the right, click the Rules toolbar button (referee icon). In the Comparison tab, check Align filenames with different extensions and click OK.

    The default Folder Compare settings compare file size and modified timestamp. To compare the text contents of Word, PDF, and text files in the Folder Compare, click the Rules toolbar button. In the Comparison tab, check Compare Contents and select Rules-based comparison. The results of rules-based comparison are indicated with an equal or not equal icon in the center column of the Folder Compare. To view content differences, double click on a pair of files in the Folder Compare.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      thxs for reply.
      If i have a table representation and bullet points contents in the pdf & word doc is that also compared.
      I'm getting a difference when comparison. Is there a way to ignore formating or line spacing??
      Compare only words in the documents
      And for the difference, how can i output it in a report / log?


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        Beyond Compare doesn't provide a method to ignore line break differences.

        one two



        will always show as a difference.

        Ignoring line break differences is on the todo list for a future version of Beyond Compare.

        Ignoring specific text like a date that changes between files or text added on one side is supported. Instructions to ignore text differences:

        To output a comparison to a file in the Text Compare, use the Session > Text Compare Report command. In the Folder Compare, use the Session > Folder Compare Report or Actions > File Compare Report commands.
        Chris K Scooter Software