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  • Terninal Server License

    My company is wanting to buy 10 licenses and we will all be using them on the same terminal server. This is our production network so it is isolated from the internet. From here i have a few questions:

    1. Can this be registered without accessing the internet? This is a must for our application.
    2. If I add all 10 licenses using the registration process and check register for all users has it been tested to assure up to 10 people can have it open at the same time?
    3, Has anyone confirmed it properly release licenses when a user closes beyond compare?

    We probably will never have more than 2-3 people at any one time having it open; however, for the terminal server its not uncommon to have up to 20 people on it at any one time with about 50 people registered on the box. I want to make sure the tool can handle any of the users using it up to the number of licenses we purchase.

    Please let us know if the tools licensing will work as we plan to use it. Thanks in advance!

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    BC4 license are per user, and your server would have to manage license releases to limit access to the BC4Key.txt to only 10 people. BC4 itself is not locking or releasing registration. Otherwise, you would need a license quantity for the total number of people that can launch and use the software.

    BC4 can register offline, and the registration is the BC4Key.txt, and setting files in the user's %AppData% settings directory for a normal install to allow multiple users at once.

    Our trial is fully featured for testing your specific environment, to verify settings are stored separately and the program can run on this environment.
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      Okay cool, we can move forward with the purchase. Thank you for the response.