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possible to open password-protected zip file

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  • Chris
    Are you using Beyond Compare 4.2.9 or an older version? If you're using an older version, please update to version 4.2.9 and let us know if it fixes the zip issue. Open Help > About Beyond Compare to display your version.

    If version 4.2.9 doesn't fix the problem or you're already using 4.2.9:
    What version of 7-zip are you using to create the files?
    In 7-zip's Add to Archive dialog, are you using the ZipCrypto or AES-256 encryption method?

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  • VinceP
    started a topic possible to open password-protected zip file

    possible to open password-protected zip file

    I create .zip & .7z files using 7-zip, and then successfully can use Beyond Compare to manipulate files within these archives.
    If these archive files are password-protected (using 7-zip), Beyond Compare can "see" the files within, but does not ask for the password and freezes upon attempting to manipulate the files within these archives.
    My question therefore is whether Beyond Compare can ONLY work with NON-password-protected archive files?
    Thank you.