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Alignment of different hex addresses

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  • Alignment of different hex addresses

    Dear forum,

    I have two files which should be be compared in hex mode. The files contain a couple of sections, all of the same structure but with minor differences in their content. The sections can be identified by a header string. So I am able to find their starting addresses. I want to compare section n to section m. When BC compares the files it locates the differences in each section and aligns both files to the same section but I need to compare e. g. section n to section m. For that I need to align two hex addresses similar to the alignment of two lines in text compare mode. Is there a way to achieve that in hex mode?

    Thanks, Brunolein

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    Sorry, the Hex Compare doesn't support manual alignment to compare section n on one side to section m on the other side. The current version only supports automatic alignment or no alignment. Manual alignment of byte addresses/sections is on the feature wish list for a future version but doesn't have a scheduled release date.

    The only workaround in the current version is to copy the sections you want to compare into new files or to the clipboard, then compare them.
    Chris K Scooter Software