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Copy aligned files with different extensions

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  • Copy aligned files with different extensions

    I have a bunch (many thousands) of graphics files on which I have already performed a conversion:
    • .tif files have been converted to .pdf
    • .jpg files have been converted to .pdf
    • .bmp files have been converted to (you guessed it) .pdf.
    The filenames remained untouched across the conversion; only the file extension has changed. The files are in a complex folder structure, and need to remain in that structure after the copy.

    With some initial file filters to keep things clean (*.tif;*.tiff;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.pdf), and turning on "Ignore Folder Structure", the "Align filenames with different extensions" feature works very well to align the old with the converted files across all the various subdirectories. Now I just need to go through them all and replace the old with the converted files. I will probably do them in groups of 20 or so, just so I can keep an eye on things as I'm doing the replacement.

    HOWEVER, when replacing the .tif, .jpg or .bmp with the corresponding .pdf by performing a copy operation, the copied file takes the filename+ext of the destination, not the source. How do I perform a copy and have it maintain the source filename+ext? I can brute force it by doing the copy and then renaming the destination file, but I don't want to do that manual operation thousands of times.

    I really hope there is a simple checkbox somewhere that I'm missing which would affect the behavior as stated above. Help? Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, we don't have the toggle option you are looking for. If the item is aligned, then the copy command will use the destination side's file name structure. One workaround would be to select the target side, right click, and Copy filename. Then select the Source side, right click, and Copy To Folder. You can then paste the copied filename (and remove the name itself from the end), which will populate the target as the destination folder location. This would copy the original file name into the destination folder.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      OK, thanks for the response. Yeah, I don't think I want to use that work around because I'd have to do it with every file, which would be thousands of times.

      Could I get this functionality added to the future improvement wish list? I'm thinking it would be pretty simple to implement, and that the task I am performing is not unreasonable or unusual.



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        Thanks. This is something on our wishlist, but isn't a feature we'll be able to schedule short term. There is already a lot on the current development schedule. This piece is also part of a larger task of handling items aligned by something other than a matching name (in this case, a manual name alignment override, but would be part of how we should handle this scenario when aligning by content, etc).
        Aaron P Scooter Software