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  • Excel comparison not shown

    I tried to file compare two versions of an Excel sheet, but it only opens in "Everything else" mode.
    When I tried to manually select Excel format by clicking on the "Everything else" dropdown, "MS Excel workbooks" is not shown.
    Then I looked under Tools => File formats, and there "MS Excel workbooks" is listed, activated, and (AFAICS) not overridden by any other file specification.
    This is Excel 2016, running on Windows 10 64bit, using BC4. The files are not password-protected.

    Where else can I look / what else can I check? Thanks.

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    When already within a specific view, the Format selection shows only formats for this view. So if you are already in a Text Compare, the Table Compare's Excel format would not be visible. Instead, use the Session menu to Compare Files Using Table Compare. Or open the Table Compare first, and then open Excel files.

    The icons in the File Formats list shows which viewer is used for that format. The white paper icon is for the Text Compare, and the purple table is for the Table Compare.

    By default, Excel files should automatically open in the Table Compare view from the Folder Compare. This could have been customized in the File Formats dialog. I would suggest restoring Factory Defaults on the MS Excel Workbooks format and the Everything Else format if you've customized them.

    We also have an additional download which can open Excel files in the Text Compare. If installed, whichever is higher in the File Format list is the one that determines which format is used automatically when running a rules-based scan or opening from the Folder Compare. The other is used by launching that session type first, then opening your files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software