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Text compare, force recompare of content

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  • Text compare, force recompare of content

    In Text compare, I often copy paste some file content or portions of file to compare, which works pretty well.

    But sometimes I need to adjust the content to help focus on the parts of interest and I'm looking for a way to force BC to re-compare the content, similar to reload but here there are no files being compared, just "buffers".


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    Would Open Clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+V or File menu) be what you are looking for? This 'pastes' the clipboard, but replaces the entire side instead of placing at the cursor position. When done this way, it runs a full re-compare as it loads, as if you had loaded a whole new file.

    Pasting depends on cursor position, and does run the alignment from that point onwards, but if still weights the rest of the file as well.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sorry for the delay, expected to be notified via email but wasn't.

      I don't think it would. Essentially after using copy/paste to get initial content to compare, I manually edit the content which is often portions of log files, by removing "noise" to get content that is more closely matching and where BC can provide better results.


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        Ah, in that scenario you can use the Session menu -> Recompare (Ctrl+F5) to re-run the alignment after some edits have been made. The paste already does this for the pasted text starting at the cursor position, and this would catch any other edits. Just keep in mind that the paste starts at the pasted cursor position; it can't auto-determine the 'best' location since it was told to paste at a specific starting position.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Great thanks