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Suggestion for minor improvement to scrolling

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  • Suggestion for minor improvement to scrolling

    Currently all the panes are synchronized so that the top line of each pane is the same.
    Let's say you are doing a merge and the top three panes are 50 lines tall and the bottom result pane is seventy lines tall.
    Let's say there's a change on the bottom line which is often the case.
    If you scroll the result pane all the way to the bottom, the top three panes scroll to match, but the final twenty lines of those panes are "below the bottom" and not visible so you can't see the changed lines in those panes.
    You can defeat the default behaviour of the panes aligning at the top by moving your mouse to the top panes scrollbar and scrolling them to the bottom.
    It would be convenient tho, if when you try to scroll any pane "below the bottom" BC would respond by scrolling all the other panes even tho the current pane has no more content below this point.

    Currently if you scroll the result pane up by one line, the top three panes leap up by nineteen lines. That's not ideal.

    Bonus points for having some way of indicating on the screen that the top lines of the panes no longer match up.
    Like maybe a soft dotted line in the result pane above the line that is the top line in any other pane.

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    One thing that makes this issue slightly more annoying that it has to be in that BC doesn't treat the scroll wheel like Microsoft app do.
    If you bring up Visual Studio/Notepad/Word/whatever also BC you will see that the scrollwheel will scroll any pane VisualStudio without having to click in that pane to make it the active pane.
    I think this is second nature for users of Windows.
    BC works differently tho, when you move the mouse over the BC window and use the scrollwheel, it doesn't scroll the pane that mouse cursor is in, it scrolls whichever pane BC considered to the be the "active" one, even tho there is no indication on the screen which one that is.


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      Thanks for the suggestions. Mouse focus is something we are working on for BC5; we don't have any time frame announcements at this time, but you can subscribe to the News and Announcements forum for email notifications, and that's where we'd ping.

      The active pane should be the one the cursor is currently in, which also colors the file path location bar with a selected background. Still not ideal, but just so you have an idea of the current pane.

      As for the logic of the scrolling, this is something we're researching and do want to improve, but may not be something that can be done short-term with our current development schedule.
      Aaron P Scooter Software