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A issue of Image Compare about Zoom ?

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  • A issue of Image Compare about Zoom ?

    When I compared two webp files, I found that I couldn't view the image as long as the Zoom ratio exceeded 800%.

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    Thanks for the report and video. This is a known limitation with how BC4 is able to zoom into an image. The total width, height, and bits per pixel combined with the current Zoom level contribute to a total size and/or memory limit; once it is hit the zoom renders like you note on your video. It's (almost always) not a system hardware limit, but a limit of the library we are using, so using a more powerful machine or having more ram won't help.

    Enhancing this support is something on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      If according to what you said, another phenomenon I don't understand:
      • I convert two .webp files to .png files, and compare two .png file, no zoom issue happened.


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        It's not file extension dependent, but overall resolution and bit depth. Once the entire image is large enough, the issue can be encountered. In my own testing, bit depth is pretty important, as it is otherwise hard to hit the issue, but once it is high enough it becomes much easier.
        Aaron P Scooter Software