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Bug? Directory timestamp not copied by "Copy to Side"

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  • Bug? Directory timestamp not copied by "Copy to Side"

    When copying a directory with files and subdirectories to the other side, I found that on Ubuntu, the Last Modification timestamp of the directories within the structure are set to the current time. This is not immediately visible if you Refresh Selection, but if you use a different file manager, or restart BC, you can see the timestapms. As an exception, copying an empty directory does preserve its timestamp.

    Not sure if this is intended, but for my use case (bringing over a bunch of pictures organized in subfolders), the dates of the subfolders were useful, so I resorted to using cp -rp.

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    This is a known limitation of Beyond Compare on all platforms. It preserves file modified timestamps but it does not preserve folder timestamps on copy and sync. As a workaround, after copying use the Actions > Touch command to copy folder timestamps from the source. Preserving folder timestamps is on the feature wish list for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software