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Still having problems with context menu for networked drives

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  • Still having problems with context menu for networked drives

    OS: Linux Mint 20.2 (latest)

    Problem: Right-clicking a folder on a networked drive -does- bring up the context menu selection for 'select left folder for compare' but it does not seem to actually register to BC4. Usually the next R-click should include a 'Compare to' selection which would compare to the previously selected folder. That selection does not appear.

    I am usually trying to access a Windows system from a Linux system, so maybe that is relevant. The windows folders are accessed via Samba, so they'd require an SMB prefix, such as smb://MachineName/DriveName/FolderName. If I enter this by hand, BC4 is able to do the comparison, as expected.

    Additional: If the two folders (again, usually Linux and WIndows) are already open in BC, then right-clicking a folder on the Windows side, does bring up a selection for 'open with native application'. Clicking that does spawn a folder with the correct 'smb:' notation in the heading. So BC is able to deal with Samba format after the initial comparison windows are opened.

    Given that, wouldn't this likely be a problem in BC's original "R-Click: Select left" simply not capturing the Windows folder designation?

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    Still nothing on this?


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      My solution is to use sshfs (SSH File System) to map external drives to local Linux directories. That requires that sshfs be installed locally, and an SSH server installed on the remote side. I don't currently have any Windows drives to experiment with, so I'm not sure if that's applicable to your situation.
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        Sorry, we've noted it in our bug tracker, but haven't had time to verify and setup a test case yet to have any questions. We're in the middle of getting 4.4.1 wrapped up and QA'd.
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