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Scrolling issue on the Preferences dialog box

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  • Scrolling issue on the Preferences dialog box

    I found a scrolling-related issue in the Preferences dialog box.

    Steps to reproduce:
    * open the Preferences dialog box;
    * activate the "Tweaks" sheet;
    * scroll it to the bottom; it doesn't matter if you scroll it or not, this is just to check it scrolls well and all the controls are accessible; the last section I see is named "Shared Sessions File" and contains a file input;
    * leave the "Tweaks" sheet visible and close the dialog box;
    * open it again; now the "Tweaks" page doesn't scroll up to the bottom; you can see it in this screenshot;
    * activate another sheet, activate "Tweaks" again; it still doesn't scroll completely;
    * activate another sheet, close the box, open it again, activate "Tweaks" - everything works fine.

    To summarize: if the "Tweaks" sheet is active when the Preferences dialog box is closed, the next time the box is open the height of the "Tweaks" sheet is not computed correctly.

    Beyond Compare 4 beta (build 17036)
    Mac OSX 10.9

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    Another visibility issue

    Another visibility issue in the Rules dialog when comparing CSV files is displayed in this screenshot.
    The buttons on the bottom of the list are partially hidden.

    Reproducibility: it always happens.


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      Thanks for these reports. I've reproduced both and we'll look into this.
      Aaron P Scooter Software