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cannot close file compare using ESC due to lack of focus

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  • cannot close file compare using ESC due to lack of focus

    Once you opened a file-compare window, the app does not allow you to close by pressing ESC.

    If I click with the mouse on one of the panels, ESC will start working but if you do not click, it doesnt.

    Please fix this bug, it's a really pain in the... hand.

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    Which steps are you using to launch BC4 and getting to the file compare? I tested a few methods (Finder right click with Script, with the Installed Command Line Tools, launching from a parent folder compare) and always seemed to have focus and was able to close with Esc.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I started BC using Dock (i have it pinned). Opened a saved project and double click on a file to compare.

      I started to kill most of the apps I was running and it seems that at some point it started to work.

      Now I only have to find which one was causing the problem... not so easy as I didn't note all I quit.

      Update: it seems that even now, from time to time, it doesn't work but the behavior is not consistent. I will be back with updates or maybe someone else experiencing the same problem could add his insight.


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        Please do let us know how your testing goes. Would you mind emailing us at [email protected] with your OSX version, and your (from the Beyond Compare menu -> Support dialog). If you email us, please include a link back to this forum post for our reference.
        Aaron P Scooter Software