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Identical files have different file sizes

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  • Identical files have different file sizes

    I'm trying to sync files between my mac and a linux FTP site using BC 4.0.17905.

    It seems to be working perfectly, but it shows a number of files being different on both sides. A CRC check shows the files to be identical, yet the byte count is different. How could two identical files have different byte counts? (And therefore, BC says the files are different.

    It seems to happen only on text files (.js, .html, and the like). Image files don't seem to have this problem (.jpg).

    Is this a bug? Anyone else run into this?

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    This is probably a difference caused by the ASCII vs Binary transfer methods. In your Profiles dialog, select your profile, go to the Transfer tab, and switch from Auto to Binary. This will keep file sizes the same, but also keep line endings (Mac) as you transfer them to a Linux machine, which then if the files are opened on the linux machine wouldn't have linux line endings.

    If the files have already been transferred, they likely already have Linux line endings on the Linux side, so before enabling Binary, re-transfer them to make all files have Mac OSX Line Endings (instead of enabling Binary transfers, then downloading a file with Linux Line Endings to your Mac).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That seems to work on a one-file-at-a-time basis, but syncronizing doesn't seem work because the timestamps are the same on both sides.

      I've got thousands of files in hundreds of directories with this problem. Any way to override the syncro rule?


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        The "Actions > Synchronize > Update Right" command in the Folder Compare will only copy orphan files and files with newer modified dates left to right.

        If you use "Actions > Synchronize > Mirror to Right", it will copy files with any differences left to right (size differences, older modified dates). Note that mirror makes two folders identical, so it will also delete orphan files on the right.

        If you want to further customize sync behavior, you'll need to use a Folder Sync session. In a Folder Sync session, select "Beyond Compare > Session Settings" or click on the Rules button (referee icon). Go to the Sync tab and use the dropdowns to customize the sync behavior.
        Chris K Scooter Software