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Error Messages prevent folder comparison

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  • Error Messages prevent folder comparison

    I just downloaded version 4.4 for trial. When trying to compare two folders I get the attached error messages. I have enabled full folder access in Security & Privacy. I am running on a Silicon M1 Max with OS Monterey 12.0.1.

    Many thanks for any help.

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    Some of those folders look like they may have User level privileges that would block access. Are you able to navigate into those directories using Finder or Terminal?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      No problem accessing them with Finder. I don't deal with Terminal.


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        After granting access and verifying the item is still Enabled status under MacOS's Preferences -> Security and Privacy, Privacy tab, Full Disk Access section, and checkbox enabled to Beyond Compare, please try a full system reboot.

        I don't have those exact paths to test against, but I'm testing .Trashes on an external USB drive, and I'm able to navigate into it and view the internal contents using BC4 or Finder. Is it only that specific .Trashes, or do all .Trashes have the issue on other devices?

        Generally, the paths you've listed look like they'd be protected items. My expectation would be if Finder can click into them, and BC4 has been granted full disk access, then BC4 should be able to click into them. But I wouldn't be surprised if Finder (running as the same User) also has issues, as GDrive and the Store generally try to lock down their system folders. In my Volumes directory, I've partitioned my drive (to test different MacOS versions) and they present as Access Denied in both Finder and BC4.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          As a new user, I was confused by the error message. After checking out a few things and thinking about it, I better understand what it was trying to tell me. And I think I better understand BC4 in general.

          I think we can chalk this up to "operator error." Many thanks for your response and I look forward to continuing to use BC4.