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macOS OneDrive Backup Problems

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  • macOS OneDrive Backup Problems

    Apple and Microsoft are changing the way cloud file systems work on macOS. These changes, which have been partially rolled out as of macOS 12.2, appear to have broken the way I use Beyond Compare on macOS. An overview of the changes is here:

    My main BC use case is the local OneDrive in the left pane, a mounted NAS drive in the right pane, copying new and changed files from left to right (i.e. a semi-manual file backup). However now I can't load the OneDrive files in the left pane for comparison.

    As per the link above, the main OneDrive location has moved out of APFS user-land to ~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive. It's this location that I can't load/read in Beyond Compare (but I can see it in Finder). Worse, it appears to be a subtree of links and metadata with the real downloaded files off in a cache somewhere else. Ugh!

    Are you aware of this new problem / have you had a chance to look into it? Thanks.

    Dave Ings
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    Uh, cancel the fire drill. :-)

    It appears that the reason my OneDrive files did not show up in BC is a combination of the new OneDrive storage scheme (i.e. files now live in ~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive) plus the various session name filters I'd built up over the years. Creating a new session, without all the old baggage, revealed what the problem was.

    Sorry for the false alarm!
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      Thanks for the follow up, and good to know about the location switch (which, might be using symlinks to manage the shift in Finder, but BC4 does not Follow Symlinks by default). Hopefully this helps any other users that run into a similar location swap, to try a fresh new session.
      Aaron P Scooter Software