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BC4 on MacBook Pro 16" 2021 is very slow and glitching (macOS Ventura 13)

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    Originally posted by Aaron
    The proper and complete fix has required a lot of work and overhauls, that has been very resource intensive and not something that can simply back-port into BC4.

    If you look at our average software life cycle, we're generally way above par for what our free minor updates provide and how long we continue to support a paid major release. Our upgrade policy similarly is better than most anything else I'm familiar with. While many other software releases have annual paid releases or a subscription fee, BC4 has had free "minor" updates since 2014 which already included major features and a few substantial rewrites like 64bit support across all three platforms. A lot has changed since 2014.

    And because we don't want anyone to feel bad about buying the current software release right before we cut over to the next major version, we have a wide window for free upgrades (which we haven't announced yet for BC5, but last time it was a year), and a half priced discount for everyone else. We have our current policy posted here:

    We also don't want you to wait much longer either. You've seen me post on the forums with the same response a few times because we don't have anything concrete to share, but I can vaguely allude that we've sent out some early test builds already, and subscribing to the News and Announcements sub-forum would be a good way to get notified about testing opportunities.
    Although, I'm eager to get your awesome software working on the latest Mac hardware/OS, I can appreciate your response. Thank you.


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      I for one am grateful for the 4.4.6 update for MacOS! Not perfect but now usable!


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        I know you guys are in the middle of a major revamp to support the newer MacOS platform; but before version 4.4.6 was released, Beyond Compare was actually working on Ventura. Is there any way to access older releases so we can something that works while we wait?


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          Yes, you can email in to [email protected] with a link to this forum thread (For our reference) and we can help get you an older build.

          However, BC 4.4.6 is working on Ventura and should be the best build to run on it. What bad behavior are you seeing? If BC4 is not launching at all, try running it from the terminal from /Applications/Beyond and run

          Any errors or warnings?
          Aaron P Scooter Software