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  • Folder Compare via FTP

    Setup a folder compare in two separate ways without success:

    1: Local folder compared to remote folder connected to via FTP.

    After loading the compare session, the local folder opens successfully but the remote folder opens incorrectly. None of the sub-folders do not show up on the remote side and the files on the root of the root folder show up; however, the name of the file appears to be a combination of a number of the file's attributes, one of which is the name. Example of file name is [1 1063 Oct 31 20:38 promocode-validator.php]

    2: Two remote folders compared via FTP where the left side is a subfolder beneath the right folder.

    After loading the compare session, the left folder comes up as if it can't reach the folder. The right side connects just fine. I know the left folder can be reached because it is the same folder that I used as the remote folder in #1 above.

  • #2
    FTP being broken in the current release is a known issue. If the are any extended characters in the filenames (anything besides a-z, 0-9, punctuation), it will treat it as an empty directory listing and it probably won't work to set the as base folders either. That will be fixed in the next release.

    For the folders where it does work, but incorrectly, does it show similar results in BC3 for Windows? We haven't changed the parsers much, so you should see the same behavior.
    Zoë P Scooter Software