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  • Options Panel Search Highlighting

    The search field in the Options panel is really useful. I like how it highlights the tabs and controls that have text matching the search filter.

    It seems like the "Colors, Fonts" tab is bugged. Whenever a search matches with something on that tab, the entire tab is highlighted.
    1. Search for "use", and the following tabs are highlighted: "Colors, Fonts", "Text Editing", "Archive Types", and "Advanced".
    2. Clicking on the Advanced tab shows three controls highlighted, such as "Use orphan color".
    3. When you click on the "Colors, Fonts" tab, the entire panel background turns yellow. I would expect only the controls "Use system font" and "Use gradient for center background" to be highlighted.
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    Thanks for the report. This is an issue in the current version of the alpha, but we hope to have it resolved in the next release.
    Aaron P Scooter Software