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Escape key on find dialog closes whole window

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  • Escape key on find dialog closes whole window

    I have one tab/session open, a text compare of two local files.

    What I do:
    open the find dialog using Cmd+F
    type in my text in the "Text to find:" box
    press Find
    if I press Escape now, it closes the entire window.
    So my assumption was the focus was taken away from the find dialog, and placed within the main window.
    So then I proceed to press Cmd+T and re-open the most recent comparison under Auto-saved > Today.
    Cmd+F again
    text again
    press Find
    first result appears
    click on find dialog to ensure focus is on dialog
    press escape key
    whole window closes.

    This is an awkward experience for the escape key.

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    Thanks for the feedback. The Find dialog and its focus is an open issue and something we are working on.
    Aaron P Scooter Software