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Share sessions between Windows and Mac OS

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  • Share sessions between Windows and Mac OS

    I would like to be able to share my sessions, including the folder paths, between Windows and Mac OS.

    Here's what I tried:
    1. On Windows, I exported my sessions to a cloud folder.
    2. Then, on Mac OS, I imported the sessions.

    The import went smoothly, but, obviously, BC4 now displays Windows-style paths on the Mac.

    I'd like BC4 to be able to share these sessions between Mac OS and Windows. I can think of a few options:
    1. Provide a setting that lets me create a list of named root folders. For example, I would create a root folder named "Dropbox". On Mac OS, I'd map it to "/Users/noam/Dropbox" and on Windows, I'd map it to "C:\Users\Noam\Dropbox". Obviously, this would have to be a per-machine (or rather, per-instance) configuration setting.
    2. Similar to the previous option, but make the configuration global (or per-license?). This would let me create a single sessions file which would be used by all my installations, where each "machine" would recognize its own mapping in the file by some machine identifier.

    Another important facet of this feature is to let me choose a sessions file that is not in the default location. I'd like BC4 to be able to use a BCSessions file stored in the cloud.

    You might have a few questions about my setup and why I'd need this, so hopefully this will answer those questions.
    • I store a lot of data on Dropbox, SkyDrive, Copy, and other cloud storage services.
    • I also have them mapped on both Mac OSX and Windows (Boot Camp).
    • I often use perform similar tasks on either OS, depending on where I happen to be at the moment. For example, I often open cross-platform code projects on both, using a cross-platform IDE (such as Intellij).
    • A session may compare two local folders, or a local and FTP folder. The FTP folder probably wouldn't be any different on either OS, but the local folder will be.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. So you are essentially looking to create BC specific environment variables? Instead of OS level (Win: %Dropbox% = %USERPROFILE%\Dropbox, and OSX: $DROPBOX = $HOME\Dropbox)

    We do not currently support this type of definition, but you could create two main root folders in your Sessions, for "Windows" and "OSX", and within have a set of sessions that apply for the specific folders and locations. This allows exact paths (which could use custom variables as declared above), and a single Session file that can be used on either OS.

    In the Tools menu -> Options, Advanced section, near the bottom there is a place to declare a "Shared Sessions file", which will load additional sessions from a BCSessions.xml. This can be a remote location, as long as BC4 has access to navigate to it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software