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Beyond Compare services stopped working after last update

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  • Beyond Compare services stopped working after last update

    I was able to solve the issue but I thought I'd share my experience.

    I checked for update and chose to save it to the desktop to be installed later. Later I extracted the zip file on the desktop and launched the extracted app. When prompted I allowed it to be moved into the Applications directory.

    After this the BC services only worked if BC4 was already running. If it was not, I would get an errors like:
    "The “Compare Files” service could not be used because the “(null)” application is in the Trash." (different error after emptying the trash)

    This behavior continued after rebooting and reinstalling the update using the same process.

    The services began working as expected after I extracted the app again and dragged it to the Applications directory to replace the existing version.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the information. We'll keep an eye out for this.
    Aaron P Scooter Software