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Text file compare through script

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  • Aaron

    Normally, XML files would open in the Text Compare by default, in the interface and scripting. If you go to the Tools menu -> File Formats, which format is the topmost match for *.xml? If you move a table format .xml lower in the list than the factory default text format for .xml files. If it is the default behavior in the interface, this will carry over to script.

    Or if you want to leave the Table Compare as the default, you can override this in script with:

    If you are generating a report, it would be with the text-report command instead of file-report command.

    If you are in a Folder Compare (rules-based scanning or child reports), then you have to update the Folder Compare default session settings, Misc tab to enable/disable specific formats. Or save a specific folder compare and set up these settings but with no loaded folders. Script can load the saved session (with enabled/disabled formats) and then load folders into it:
    load "Saved session name"
    load "folder1" "folder2"
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  • Walidus
    started a topic Text file compare through script

    Text file compare through script

    how can i precise in my script that i want a text compare format ? I’m trying to compare two xml through a script and i’m having a table compare format. Would like a text format instead
    thanks in advance